Welcome to Saddle Mountain Spinone

We love the Spinone!
The Italian Spinone was developed as an all around bird dog for the foot hunter in Italy. Not necessarily the fastest dog in the field but certainly one of the most reliable. The Spinone hunts with the characteristic back and forth pattern, instinctively working into the wind, to get the maximum coverage of the land they are hunting. Spinone are also excellent water retrievers so you can have t…he best of two worlds with both an upland game bird dog and water fowl retriever all rolled into one.This breed is not a “self hunter”, but rather prefers to hunt for his/her master. Because of this great trait, they are a relationship dog….loyal and bonded in a very satisfying way with their master. This has it’s drawbacks for those that do not have daily time to spend with their dog. The Spinone requires significant human interface and they do not do well in a kennel or left for long periods of time by themselves.

It is very important that we, as breeders of Spinoni, ensure that we keep their hunting instincts intact. Quite honestly, very few won’t hunt but we insist on working our dogs in the field to make sure that the ones we include in our breeding program will, indeed, do the job they were bred to do. We are active NAVHDA members and all of our dogs in our breeding program are put through the paces through the NAVHDA Natural Ability tests and beyond.It is our intention at Saddle Mountain Spinoni to work with and raise dogs that perform in the field as the superb gun dogs they were bred to be……and, yes, those same dogs also work in obedience, do therapy and lounge on my couch.